• Fernando André Bezerra Moura Fernandes 🇵🇹
  • 04/09/1997
  • +351937388716
  • fernandoandre49@gmail.com

My Academic Formation

  • (2008-2015) Externato Delfim Ferreira was where i made my basic and high school education and then picked the "Sciences and Technologies" course.
  • (2015-2020) University of Porto was my 1st choice to study the Informatics and Computer Engineering course at the Faculty of Engineering with an integrated masters degree.
  • (2019) Technical University of Ostrava on the Czech Republic is the University where i am participating in the ERASMUS student exchange program. There i am taking courses like Methods of Analysis of Data, Methods of Analysis of Textual Data, Parallel Computing, Biologically Inspired Algorithms and Digital Image Processing.
  • (2008-2012) English Institute where i learned how to write, speak and listen to the english language and comprehend it better. It helped me get my First Certificate in English (FCE) which gets me at C1 level in English.

My work experience

  • (2018 - Today) Jumpseller - Part-time(Student-worker). Jumpseller is an E-Commerce provider where you can easily setup your online store. Here i make part of their software devolpment team. While working there i have learned some new technical skills, such as the Ruby programing language, some of its frameworks and gems like Sinatra and Padrino and improved my skills in ReactJS. I also learned how to implement and use webhooks, how to use server-side caching (Redis) and gained many insights on the maintenance of an highly used software project. It is my first job on the field, working part-time and managing my time as a student-worker.

My top technical skills


Used it in all of my web application projects done at FEUP, and at Jumpseller mainly with ReactJS. I also practiced this language on some side projects to learn NodeJS and AngularJS.

80 %

Used it on a course at FEUP where i choosed to work with the Ruby on Rails Framework. I also, have been working with this language at Jumpseller using Padrino and Sinatra.

80 %

Have used it many times in projects at FEUP to practice the implementation of design patterns, object oriented mobile apps and distributed systems applications.

70 %

Have used C on projects at FEUP namely to write low level code to pass data from one computer to another through a serial cable and to write a game using self made drivers of the graphical card, the keyboard and the mouse. Also used C++ to write a game-engine library after learning a bit about graphical computation at FEUP and it was the first language I ever learned. Right now at the Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO) I am using c++ for my Digital Image Processing course to implement algorithms of image manipulation.

70 %

Started using python on my 3rd year for an Artificial Intelligence course at FEUP and now i am basically using it for almost every course here at the Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO) for data and text analysis and algorithm implementation.

50 %

Have used it on projects at FEUP namely to write distributed technology systems.

70 %

Used it in with the Phoenix framework to write a web application in a course at FEUP to be delivered to a real company.

50 %

My top non technical skills

New challenges

I'm always open to the idea of learning and trying new things and facing new problems everyday. I don't enjoy working on the same thing over and over again whereas i like to go outside of my comfort zone and solve other problems. On my 4th year i decided to become a part-time student and explore that area before I finish my studies.

Public speaking

I consider myself to be a very open and extrovert person and have had the oportunity to do 2 presentations at FEUP's main auditorium for 2 different courses as well as take part in some academic traditions which helped me develop that component.

Helping others

I believe in teamwork. We can't make it outhere on our own and everybody needs help sometimes. I'm always happy to help any friend or colleage in need in any way i can as i expect to be helped as well when I don't know something about some topic.

Good Listener

During meetings i try my best to always listen to other people's current tasks and issues and suggest ideas for their implementation or new features that should be added. During the SCRUM meetings at Jumpseller or at some courses at FEUP where we practiced the SCRUM methodology, i listened to other people's tasks and learned to help them on their struggles and ask for help myself.

Fast Learner

Every person has an adjustment or learning period when attempting something new but i tend to overcome it really quickly. While working at Jumpseller i was able to learn a new language and set of technologies (Ruby) that i had never used before in a fast way.

My main interests

  • Distributed Systems - I like the idea of having a network of nodes and writting applications for data sharing between them and making the system safe, fault tolerant and simple to the eyes of the user.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Combined with data analysis i recently gained more interest in using data from applications to be used on machine learning algorithms. During my ERASMUS i am currently taking courses related with data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Extra curricular activities

  • Volunteer Work - While doing my high school education i volunteered at the portuguese Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome and during my third year at FEUP i volunteered at RUTIS which is a network of senior universities where i was an informatics teacher.
  • Programming Challenges - Participated on the Google Hash Code 2016 edition and on the Make or Break 2018 edition.